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PET BAG royal azure

PET BAG royal azure

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Material: Royal natural leather
Color: azure
Ref. AP-4

Delivery time: 2-10 days.

Dog transport bag. It has long handles that allow it to be worn freely on the shoulder and an adjustable, detachable strap. Inside there is a comfortable pillow and a collar clasp.

The bag is marked with an amber eyelet.

A feature of natural leather is its heterogeneity, therefore minor differences in the color and structure of the leather are natural. This is a typical feature of non-artificially produced products.
Maintenance method: use generally available leather care products. Leather covered with light-colored varnishes is susceptible to absorbing foreign dyes. Such products should not be placed in plastic bags or next to other materials, including leather, that dye.

Note: damage to the leather or structure of the product (abrasions, abrasions, cuts, rips) resulting from excessive use cannot be the basis for a complaint.

Szczegóły produktu

Dł. Paska (cm)regulowany
Omnibus: Compliant
Sposób noszeniaDo ręki
Na ramię
Przez ramię
Wys. rączek (cm)21
Wys. x Sz. x Gł. (cm)30 x 29 x 12.5

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