About us

The bag is a woman

BATYCKI. We have been creating handbags for years... Tailoring them to each of your expectations. Every day, we work to make them beautiful and comfortable for each of you. So that you would like to have them at your fingertips, in your hands, on your arm... We care that the BATYCKI bag accompanies you at work, during shopping, social meetings, parties, trips... To be a part of each of your lives, your image, your conversations...
After all, the bag is a woman...

Beautiful design, highest quality

Trust us. In our company, the best experts, masters of leather goods, work. We care about both the quality of products and supporting the domestic job market. We all form a team that strives for credibility and a good reputation for the brand every day. We only cooperate with proven raw material suppliers, using only natural leather of the highest quality for production. We maintain good relations with our contractors and cooperators. The BATYCKI logo signifies a global standard of products.

Everyday happiness

BATYCKI is a Polish brand. Our factory is located in Gdańsk, a beautiful city by the Polish sea. For this reason, we mark each product with a piece of amber, a stone rooted in Polish tradition and culture, known as the gold of the Baltic. It is the simplest sign to express our emotions and underline the brand's connection to a place that is particularly dear to us. And since amber is also a symbol of happiness and prosperity, we want to share it with you. Having such a drop of amber, enclosed in a silver ring, is worth having at your fingertips every day...

If you have any additional questions, contact us:

sklep@batycki.eu or tel: +48 512 020 302