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Harley navy women's leather handbag

Harley navy women's leather handbag

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Handbag from the CLASSIC collection
Material: natural Nappa leather
Color: navy blue
Ref. No. T-320

Delivery time: 2-7 days.

Harley bag made of natural leather, prepared for us by Italian tanning masters. It has a main compartment, a small pocket and a card slot. The bag is equipped with an adjustable strap and an elegant detachable chain. Comfortable and practical, it will make you feel special every day.

The bag was handmade in Poland, in a leather workshop with many years of tradition. The highest quality natural leather was used to make it, produced by a tannery that processes only leather that is waste from the European food industry.

The bag is marked with a badge with the BATYCKI logo.

A feature of natural leather is its heterogeneity, which is why small differences in skin color and structure are natural. This is a typical feature of non-artificially produced products. Over time, the skin may show signs of natural aging, fine wrinkles or color changes - this is part of the natural cycle. To take care of the bag, store it in the included protective bag. It is worth keeping it stuffed so that it retains its shape as long as possible. Clean with a soft cloth moistened with warm water. We also recommend using generally available leather care and impregnation products. The bag should be stored away from heat sources and should not be left in the sun for long periods of time. Avoid contact with water - if the bag gets wet, wipe it off as soon as possible. Avoid carrying heavy objects in it to avoid deforming the leather.

Leather covered with light-colored varnishes is susceptible to absorbing foreign dyes. Such products should not be placed in plastic bags or next to other materials, including leather, which dye.

The gold embossed logo is delicate, the letters may wear off if touched too often

Made made of the highest quality 100% natural leather.

Hand-made in Poland.

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