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Harness for your pet

Harness for your pet

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Material: Vernice natural leather
Color: black
Ref. AP-2

Delivery time: 2-5 days.


22cm 28cm 32cm
24-28cm 32-38cm 36-42cm

Pet harness with the BATYCKI logo.

A feature of natural leather is its heterogeneity, therefore minor differences in the color and structure of the leather are natural. This is a typical feature of non-artificially produced products.
Maintenance method: use generally available leather care products. Leather covered with light-colored varnishes is susceptible to absorbing foreign dyes. Such products should not be placed in plastic bags or next to other materials, including leather, that dye.

Products made of unique leather in limited collections require special treatment. Before use, it is advisable to protect them with a leather impregnation preparation. Please also remember that when using leather goods, minor abrasions may appear on the surface of the leather; the structure of the raw material may also change (the leather becomes softer over time); Due to frequent use, the product may also slightly change its shape. To avoid the risk of changing the color of the leather, leather goods should be protected from direct contact with products with unstable colors (clothing, paper, plastic, leather, etc.) as well as with dirty surfaces.

Note: damage to the leather or structure of the product (abrasions, abrasions, cuts, rips) resulting from excessive use cannot be the basis for a complaint.

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